Integrative Classical Homeopathy with Manual Therapies of Massage & Yoga

Karen M. Diefenbach, NYS LMT, CHom, RYT

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Seeking to improve the quality of your life?


Suffering from chronic pain?


Feeling out of sorts, and just know there is something better for you?

Looking to try something that’s free from chemical side effects?

Specializing in Therapeutic Massage, Yoga and Classical Homeopathy, I can offer a well-rounded system of alternative therapeutic health care, which can help most anyone achieve optimal health and feel better.  Here, clients get one-on-one attention privately in my office or their home.  Massage, Yoga and Homeopathy are particularly congruent and harmonious in combination.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy integrates body, mind and spirit helping to support one’s ability to thrive by relaxing muscle tension, relieving physical pain, reducing stress, healing injured tissue, along with many other healthful benefits that act on the body like a tonic.  My General Massage is a combination of  Swedish, Medical & Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Shiatsu, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy and Guided Meditation artfully targeting your specific needs.   A regular routine of massage therapy is a perfect component in your wellness program, complimenting many other modalities including two others offered here, Yoga and Homeopathy. 

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Especially for Medical Massage, treatment includes stretching and strengthening, so I have chosen Yoga for this purpose.    Yoga can help correct poor movement patterns from repetitive motion or from old injuries that can cause chronic pain, while creating more strength, flexibility and endurance in the body.  Generally speaking, on an energetic level, it is a more active approach to healing than massage, and can be an adjunct to Massage Therapy, if you need to go a step further to strengthen the area being addressed to complete healing.  However, the deeper you go with yoga and experience the more subtleties, the less active it can become as in Yin Yoga.  Yoga innately teaches balance between effort and ease, it promotes self empowerment and realization of the the body/mind connection, through one’s own energy forces and sense of purpose.

A couple more of my aims for incorporating Yoga into my work are, to help those who want to learn more about correcting their Yoga poses, so their classes taken, on their own, are more rewarding.  And, to help those who want to develop a routine Yoga practice for themselves to do at home, which is especially useful to those who need to do something daily, in order to help feel good on a day to day basis.

Instruction is taught gently and slowly with an emphasis on opening  the body, which are at most times assisted to encourage alignment, stretch of a particular part and self awareness.  Included with this approach is deep relaxation, deep breathing and meditation.  My style of teaching Yoga is enhanced by my background in Neuro-muscular Movement Therapy Training and Massage Therapy.  With this experience comes a solid and extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, along with the astute sensitivity of how the body feels and functions.  This gives my teaching abilities a uniquely confident, comprehensive and bonafide hands-on approach.  Additionally, my own yoga practice of many years from various styles of holistic yoga teachers and training’s, has served me well in expanding my insight. My most recent course of study to add to this is Yoga for Arthritis, Therapeutic Yoga and Yin Yoga. To learn more click here.

Classical Homeopathy

Classical Homeopathy has been merited by many to help rid the body of many acute and chronic conditions.  My own personal story of how homeopathy has stabilized and enriched my health is why I would sincerely like to share this alternative healing art with you.  Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that works with the laws of healing firstly, the Law of  Similars, (like cures like) without being toxic to the system. It mirrors the disease extinguishing it at the cause.  The other laws  and principles of classical homeopathy,which you can ask me about in person are, Single Remedy, Provings, Minimum Potentized Dose, Hering’s Laws and Individuation.  Many of these precepts are older than Homeopathy or modern medicine we know today, going as far back as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hippocrates.    It is  known to help cleanse the liver without uncomfortable purgatives; increase your senses, clarify the mind and more…even what you think are peculiar symptoms are those that help classical homeopaths find your remedy!!  For more understanding about how homeopathy can be very effective in deeply reconstructing  health, helping to eliminate many pathological conditions that cause pain and discomfort including, but not limited to, nervousness & anxiety, please click on the link to follow or call with any inquiry.  For more information on Homeopathy, click here.

Whatever lifestyle or requirements, a healing strategy can be developed to fit individual needs through any combination of these methods.   Please refer to my rates and services page.