What is deep tissue massage?
It uses most of the techniques in Swedish massage, but it addresses constrictions and dysfunctions that lay deeper into the muscles. The practitioner uses elbows, fists, knuckles and finger pressure to seek out trigger points, break down adhesion, and help relieve the roots of the pain.

Is deep tissue massage painful?
It might feel concentrated at times but overall, it should feel good.  A treatment starts with gentle Swedish strokes to warm up and soften the muscles, preparing them for more, penetrating work. The technique is slower than Swedish massage and should encompass awareness of client sensitivity to increased pressure. In some cases, ice may be recommended after a treatment to help facilitate healing and prevent swelling.

How many sessions will I need to relieve my pain?
Every case is different but it commonly takes between 1-5 sessions, spread out over 2-5 weeks. In some cases, 2-3 short sessions a week for a few weeks. And sometimes problem resolves after 1-2 treatments. Massage therapy may also be implemented to help manage certain chronic pain.

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