What is medical massage?
It is designed to restore damaged tissue. It addresses a range of specific medical problems including, sciatica, carpal tunnel, TMJ, tendonitis, tennis elbow, migraine headaches, bone healing, stiff neck, hypertension or scar tissue. The protocol usually involves a variety of techniques, as well as ice and /or heat treatments, vibration, exercises and stretching. Medical massage often requires more frequent sessions, but the sessions are shorter, lasting between 15-45 minutes.

Can massage help me even if I have a broken arm in a cast?
Yes. A program can be developed that works around the cast and provides relief.
If an injured area (like a muscle strain) is still healing, how does the practitioner avoid re-injuring the patient?
I proceed cautiously, especially during the acute stage of inflammation, lightly massaging above and below the affliction. As the injury begins to heal, I’ll gradually progress to working directly on the injury. I would also rely on medical doctor’s supervision when appropriate.

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