What is pregnancy massage?
It is a therapeutic massage that focuses on both the expectant mother and baby. It can relieve insomnia, backaches, swollen ankles, aching muscles and feet, fatigue, breast soreness or headaches. A session will include suggestions on stretching to relieve muscle cramping, heartburn and constipation. We will also work to increase awareness of body mechanics to prevent body strain. Being an experienced mother myself, I can also offer a wealth of information and support to the expectant mother.

How does the massage affect my baby?
The growing baby can feel and hear its inner world and the world outside Mom. It can feel through Mom’s body chemistry, which affects the nervous system and hormones. Massage can help to reduce stress hormones bringing both mother and baby into balance. The mechanism that is present during gestation is marvelous and intricate. So much is changing relatively fast. To learn more about massage, acupuncture, reflexology and herbology during pregnancy, I recommend,” Mother Massage,” by Ellaine Stillerman, LMT.

When should I start getting massage?
Massage therapy is beneficial before pregnancy, during and after delivery. Regular massage may increase chances of getting pregnant by reducing stress. Massage after delivery will ease lactation and iron out any left-over soreness. It may also help remedy new mom anxiety.

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