Therapeutic Massage may include:

Swedish, Medical & Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Guided Meditation and CranioSacral Therapy skillfully applied in any combination, dependent on your requirements

Office Rates

60 minutes:  $100 

30 minutes:   $50
45 minutes:   $75
75 minutes:  $125
90 minutes:  $150

Package of Four one-hour sessions:  $375  (Expires after a year)
Package of 10 one-hour sessions:       $900 (Expires after a year)

Prenatal massage for one hour:  $125

Hot Stone Massage:  $135

Aromatherapy:  Free upon request

Yoga as part of therapy or separately may include:

Hatha Yoga (Asana, Breath/Pranayama & Meditation), Asana with blocks, straps & sand bags with skills in Neuromuscular re-patterning for those who would like:

Specific Yoga Adjustments/Corrections to enhance yoga practice or compliment an exercise regimen or massage
Therapeutic and/or Restorative Yoga for arthritis or to recover from injury
To improve range of motion and/or balance

Yoga Rates :  Based on same structure as Massage Therapy above.

Classical Homeopathy:

Constitutional Consultation:  $350.00

Constitutional Consultation Package:  $550.00
Includes- inception, case evaluation, suggestion for options and 2 monthly follow-up visits ($50 savings).

Monthly Follow-up Visit (Every 4 weeks; 60-90 minutes in length):  $125.00

Follow-up Visit Package for 4 months (16 weeks):  $460.00

Follow-up Visit exceeding recommended interval (5 weeks to 4 months between follow-ups)$175.00

Follow-up Visit after 4 months or more:  $225.00

Check-in Call Rate after a 4 week period between visits:  Must make an appointment for follow-up.  See rate above.

Consultation to Propose Relief for Acute Conditions:  $45.00

NOTE:  Follow-up rates include check-ins between follow-up visits, generally 15 minutes weekly over phone or by email.  May also include inter-current remedy consultation for acute complaint.  All free within 4 week period of follow-up visit or within 16 week package.

Contact Hours:
Wednesday-Saturday: for telephone or Skype.  Email any day of the week, except Sunday, if at all possible, or leave a phone message giving times to arrange an in-person contact appointment.  Most generally, will answer email Monday–Saturday and voicemail Wednesday through to Saturday.

Only for quick short notes up to 3 sentences, otherwise please set up a call time, unless discussed otherwise.

For all Services:

Gift Certificates Available with no refunds

Cash or Check Accepted Only

You may cancel or change your appointment up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled treatment.  After that time, it is customary to pay for a missed appointment.  There are no refunds on any service, package or gift certificates.